In honour of Ienkmelodienk this year Perdeby has decided to give out some awards for the first years’ performances.

Award for the most awkward performance: Luminous Luminous and their GA (Geeks Anonymous) was by far one of the strangest things anyone at Perdeby has ever seen. If that was your intention, then mission accomplished.

Award for best flash of the evening: Katjiepiering Although the lift that produced the best flash of the evening was very impressive, Perdeby still thinks hot pants should be a necessity for these girls and their short skirts.

Award for best acrobatic moves: Vividus Men and Mopanie When it came down to deciding who had the best acrobatics of the night, Vividus Men and Mopanie came out equal. Vividus Men impressed the crowd as they threw members across the stage and Mopanie’s stunts and acrobatics were right up there (so to speak).

The “We Were Really Surprised” award: Kiaat Their band was good, their moves were good and their theme, Rasta swag, was surprising. Perdeby particularly liked their incorporation of the SpongeBob SquarePants theme song.

Award for the theme that was pretty awesome: Maroela The men of Maroela inspired laughs from the audience with their Dragon Ball Z theme. Who doesn’t remember Goku and his signature power-up moves? Thanks for the nostalgia, guys.

Most energetic performer: That blonde guy in the front row from Jakarandia. Perdeby doesn’t know who you are, but we thought about your enthusiasm and exaggerated dance moves all night.

Best integration of songs and theme: Nerina The Nerina taxi drivers had the best matching theme and song list. Perdeby especially liked their use of “Taxis were meant to fly”. Nicki, take note.

Click here for a list of the official Ienkmelodienk 2013 winners

Photos: Eleanor Harding and Lourens Smit

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