Local musician Michael Lowman opened for Passenger. He has become quite a household name with a few singles played regularly on radio.

Passenger was extremely interactive and entertaining, full of funny remarks about how tight his skinny jeans were, but when he told the story of how he wrote the song “Riding to New York”,a touching silence fell upon Zoo Lake and remained until he had finished the song. Slight confusion broke out when he began to play “Eye of the tiger”halfway through his set, but the crowd soon got into it, after which he let out the opening riff to “Let her go” which was followed by an eruption of screams, cheers and tears. The crowd sang along with every word, to which Rosenberg thanked the audience for being “so amazing”.

Before playing the song “Life’s for the living”, Rosenberg asked the crowd to put away their phones, just so that everyone could be in the moment as people and not live through technology or social media. It is a big favour to ask in today’s day and age, but Zoo Lake obliged and it was indeed a special moment.

There was a massive encore cry and Passenger came back out on stage, completely humbled, ending off an amazing show with the songs “Holes”and “27”, a song from the Whispers album which is all about him and his twenty seven years of living, which he dedicated to anyone trying to do something special with their lives.

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