First years, you have a week in which to orientate yourselves. It is possible that when it is over, you will be even more lost and confused. The academic orientation schedule includes a few information sessions to teach you the basics of being a Tukkie – in the academic sense, that is. Some are more important than others. Here is a quick rundown of all the services covered:


Student support:

Counselling is available to all students in the Student Support Division. Here, the services of qualified psychologists, social workers and academic counsellors are available to help you with any problems you may experience. You can reach them at (012) 420 2333 or consult them during office hours (07:30-16:00) in the Student Affairs Building (opposite the Aula, just in front of the Chemistry Building).

Student Health:

Medical doctors and nurses are at your service for free at Student Health. Visit them in the Student Health Building (en route to the CIL labs) if you’re not feeling at the top of your game. Tip: get there early in winter to avoid being fifteenth in line and having to wait amongst the multitudes of other sneezing patients.


The 24-hour security makes campus a safe environment in which to live out your Tukkie experience. You can have a personal security escort via the “green route” on weekdays between 18:00 and 01:00. A campus security guard is available every half hour to escort you along the route or to any place within a reasonable distance. Look for the green footprints or consult the map next to the Absa ATM close to the library. Contact the 24-hour operational management centre at (012) 420 2310/2760 or the 24-hour operational manager at 083 654 0476 if you find yourself in a sticky situation. There is also a toll-free crisis line available at 0800 0064 28.

CIL (Computer Information Literacy):

You can register to take the exemption exam enabling you to bypass CIL111. But whether you are a computer geek or completely computer illiterate, all first years have to take CIL121. Accept it. Just don’t fail it!

Department of Library Services:

The university library is not just a place for nerds. On the third floor of the library, you’ll find photocopying, printing and internet facilities as well as the day’s newspapers to keep you up to date. And if you’re looking for a place to do some last minute cramming before a test, the library also houses the Study Centre. This is the ideal environment in which to do what all students supposedly do – study.

e-Learning Systems:

This was one information session you should not have missed. Get yourself to the Library to register for access to the Tuks e-campus or SOS (Student Online Services). This gives you online access to your learning modules, ClickUP, final results and academic record, exam dates, student e-mail and online registration. Each student also receives 200 free megabytes per year which can be used in the IT open labs or in the library. Additional megabytes can be purchased if and when you need them. Forgot your password? Visit the helpdesk in the IT lab to reset it. Alternatively, there is a telephone on the 3rd floor of the library from which you can reset your password telephonically.


This is an important communication tool for lecturers and students within a module. Lecturers post notes, readings, results and important announcements on ClickUP. Check this at least once a week, especially before a test or exam in case you’ve missed something in class. But don’t be fooled, not everything taught in class is on ClickUP!


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