Rarely party and don’t camp? Fortunately for those of you making your way to the farm and the infamous dust for the first time this year, Perdeby is an Oppikoppi veteran. Here are some of our top tips for a happy festival experience:

1. Pack as lightly as possible. You’ll probably be travelling in groups and you don’t want to be playing Tetris with your luggage.

2. Take absolutely essential gadgets or items with you, such as a cellphone car charger (you’ll need it to get hold of friends over the

weekend), a spare set of car keys (pack it with your luggage, just in case you misplace your everyday set), a bottle opener or two, a water bottle for your alcohol in the entertainment area, and a torch for when nature calls during the middle of the night.

3. Learn how to set up your tent before you get to the festival. Oppi must not be the first time you see your tent up in the flesh .

You’re going to be excited to start partying so be able to set your tent up as quickly as possible.

4. Use a navigation device or your smartphone to direct you to the farm. Let that smooth computer voice deliver you to the dust. Nobody needs to toil over maps in 2014, unless you’re an eagle scout. Print a map of the farm as well as the lineups and stick it on your car windows (once you’re there). See our map on page six.

5. Pace yourself. The festival spans three days. Don’t be that person (read “fader”) who partied too hard on the Thursday and needed a day off.

6. Bring and use sunblock liberally and religiously.

7. Don’t take enough food to feed the entire festival. The food stands at Oppi produce the stuff of Masterchef. Other than snacks there’s no need to sweat over a stove. Do carry lots of water and drinks to keep you hydrated. No, we didn’t mean tequila.

8. If you’re not really into parading around covered with last night’s dust, sweat and alcohol, you’re going to want to take a shower. The showers are cold. On the bright side they’re highly effective for shaking off hangovers. Flip-flops are imperative at this point. If you really can’t face cold water, wet wipes will be your best friend.

9. Prepare yourself for Oppi’s extreme weather. We mean Hades hot during the day and Arctic temperatures at night. By all means, bring your inner plastic-flower-crown-wearing child out in full force but pack jerseys, vests, long johns, jackets, scarves and gloves. It’s all fun and games until you’re shivering in your tent unable to fall asleep.

10. For the love of health and wellness, do not accept substances from strangers.

 Photo: Brad Donald

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