Being in university can be a very stressful environment, and it tends to get even more stressful around exam time. The Student Support and Counselling Centre of the University of Pretoria comprises of a team of highly qualified clinical psychologists and social workers that offer a wide range of support in the form of academic, emotional and therapeutic support, and can help with psychological issues, stress related issues, trauma, family problems, substance abuse, and sexual abuse, to name a few. Student Support offers services in groups and in individual consultations, and it is encouraged that any student that feels they may need support seek out Student Support for screening, as their services are free of charge and can be very beneficial. Student Support offers short- and long-term councelling. The wellbeing of students is their priority and they want students to use these services to ensure that students put themselves in the best position to obtain their degrees and have success in life.

The service is free to all UP students and is strictly confidential. No appointment needs to be made, simply go to Student Support between 7:30 and 16:30, or call 012 420 2333 or 080 000 6428.

Infographic: Rhodeen Davies and Sam Sherwood

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