What I truly love about reporting is that it allows you to reignite your passion. Rekindle the flame. Start the engine – whatever you’re going to call it. It reawakens the passion that lectures and courses have managed to extinguish.

That is probably why I’m such a believer in actually trying out for a job that allows you to do what you’re studying to do. It is only when you’re knee deep in the everyday activities of a job that you really find out whether you enjoy it or not. And yes, money plays a factor, and yes CareerCast.com ranking your job as the worst in the world can dampen your spirits somewhat, but if you’re at least burning for what you want to do, then you can, possibly, survive all of that.

Granted there are times when I wonder why certain people seem to believe that this is the career for them. Perhaps that is a bit harsh, I’ll rather say that sometimes I marvel at what other student publications think is ok to publish. Now I don’t believe that Perdeby is perfect. What is that saying about rocks and glass houses? But I do like to believe that we do our best to bring you factual news. Not only ramblings of what we think reality is. You’ll only ever find that in this clearly-marked opinion page.

I read another student paper this week. They wrote about Tuks’s Varsity Cup win. The article was printed under Sport but didn’t really contain any facts. It seemed to be based on hearsay and basically called our rugby team a bunch of lucky cheats. Another student paper wrote about a campaign held at Tuks but failed to do any proper reporting about it. Apparently press releases are all that is needed for an article these days.

These are slip ups that I hope will never happen in our paper. And if you feel they are happening here, let me know. I might be embarrassed and wish the ground would swallow me whole, but once I’ve gotten over the initial anger/anguish and had a chai latte I should be okay and be ready to change things for the better.

So take a look at our paper this week. We have an interview with Shortstraw on page 9 as well as our first Come Dine with Me experience on page 8. The photos will have you salivating over the Sudoku. And if you haven’t seen our new website yet, ‘tis the time. We are moving to a new server at the moment because our site is getting so many hits that the server crashes. I like to think of that as a good thing though.

À jusque-là,


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