Any student can register themselves as a tutor. On the website, students can fill in a registration form and the student’s details will be uploaded onto the website. The website has online courses on software design, mobile app creation, and website creation. Students can also buy used textbooks. An additional feature is the “tutorial” section, where students can post their academic questions and get answers and help from other students.

Ndhlovu has been involved in various student structures, been a STARS mentor, and worked as a tutor for Programming and Information Technology at UP.

Creative Genes currently has two options: a free plan and a premium plan. The “free plan” will allow tutors to list their services for free and Creative Genes will also do free marketing for them. These tutors will charge students a flat rate of R100 per hour and will get to keep all profits. The “premium plan” will allow tutors to charge more than R100 per hour, however, those tutors will have to pay a portion of that amount to the website. “We are also very strict on the price tutors charge because our main aim is to make education accessible at an affordable price,” says Ndhlovu.

Ndhlovu created the website because he wanted to leave something behind that students can use, and solve one of South Africa’s biggest problems – access to education.