A Tuks student has created a website that calculates your timetable for you.

Third-year BSc Computer Science student and creator of the website Ivan du Toit said, “I started the site to help me and other students get through the first few weeks of study with less stress by making it easy to get the optimal timetable calculated for you. I feel that if I can make the lives of my fellow humans easier with my skills I should do so.”

The website allows you to select your modules and generates your timetable options. After selecting your chosen timetable the website allows you to log onto your Google or Tuks Gmail account. Your timetable is then uploaded to your Google calendar.

Du Toit said he originally planned to tell students what books were required for their modules as well, but the university does not make that information public.

“I think that most things that are tedious to do for people should be automated by programs and machines. This [is] a philosophy that I live by and by extension I had to make this very boring task of calculating a timetable automated,” said du Toit.

To calculate your timetable visit classfit.co.za


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