But what could be a kind of way to take this music to Gauteng and into Africa and then even beyond? The only way is internet because burning CDs is out-dated,” said Ratsatsi.

Ratsatsi is eager to make a wide range of content avaliable, as long as it is within societal norms and unoffensive. Africa E Store also doesn’t decide if the content is ‘good enough’ or not. “That is for our to subscribers to decide,” says Ratsatsi. He adds that “the difference between a popular artist and an upcoming artist is not necessarily the quality of their content but the exposure that they get.”

Those with content on the store will also be able to track where the purchases are being made from in order to cater to that area and even plan tours to that region.

The site works much like iTunes or any other online store. A personal account can be opened through which content can be purchased. Purchasing is possible through credit and debit card, MasterPass and PayPal. There is also the option of loading credit that is stored in an e-wallet for future use.

The site has been optimised for mobile usuage but can also be accessed through computer and tablet.

For now, the challenge is sourcing what Ratsatsi refers to as “content creators’. “Initially when we developed the app, it was only the technical side of it – software coding and all the IT stuff – and I wasn’t thinking about it at the time. Now that it’s done, I’m realising it’s difficult to recruit. So, we try our best. We go on Facebook, we go on social media accounts and we make phone calls. We ask people if they know anyone that wants to connect. My approach is mostly old-school. I’m more about direct approach – if you know someone… What I’ve realised is that people that are in the game of content creation, they generally know other people,” Ratsatsi said.

Content creators have already signed up not just form South Afica but also Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria and Zambia. Ratsatsi also encouraged anyone eager to get their content on the store to stop by the Peachtree Studios on the corner of Festival and Burnett. 

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