The app, called UP Libraries, enables students to make use of UP’s Library Services whether they are on campus or not. Students can search for books, journals, magazines, and other materials. The app will direct students to a UP library where the study material is being held, and will also show students where the material can be found in the library. Students can use the app to place or cancel holds on books, check on due dates and renew items that have been taken out. Students can also use the app to get more information on UP’s libraries such as directions, locations, operating hours and telephone numbers. The app also allows students to chat to a librarian for assistance.

Olivier said that they received positive reviews from students. These reviews include compliments such as, “The library has developed itself by focusing on the current and future needs of the users, and this is illustrated through the creation of the library app” and “The new library app is very helpful and user friendly.” The app has also received good reviews on Google’s Play Store, currently holding a score of 4.8/5 (at the time of going to print).

The app is available for download from the Google Play and Apple app stores


Image: Ciske van den Heever