On Tuesday 17 April the Tuks ladies residences showed their competitive sides in the intra-mural first years’ netball league. Seventeen teams participated with 23 matches being played in total.

Three of the impressive teams on the night were Madelief’s Knolle, Nerina’s Spriete, and Asterhof’s Sterretjies. The match between Madelief and Radiography proved to be a walkover with the Knolle dominating the entire match. Madelief stole the first centre pass from Radiography and opened the scoring. The Radiography team responded by scoring the next goal. However, it was the last time that they would trouble the scorers. The Radiography team seemed overwhelmed throughout the match, leading to their making mistakes which Madelief capitalised on. Madelief’s defence did not allow Radiography any space. Where Madelief worked well as a unit, the Radiography team did not communicate effectively, missing opportunities to score. During the second half, scoring was opened by Madelief who again stole the ball from a Radiography centre pass. This evidently discouraged the Radiography team as they made no convincing effort to score for the rest of the match. The final score was 23-1 to Madelief. The Knolle’s coach told Perdeby that she was immensely proud of her team.

Fast play by Nerina took the Jasmyn girls by surprise, leaving the Slurpies a few beats behind from the start of the match. At the start of the second half it looked as though Jasmyn were going to gain ground on Nerina. However, their attacking momentum did not last. Nerina had outstanding players in the positions of goal attack and centre who played well together, feeding the ball into the goal circle with impressive cross-court passes. The Spriete defended their lead successfully, ending the match with a convincing 20-6 win. The Spriete’s coach told Perdeby that she was “very proud, [the match] was awesome.”

The match between Katjiepiering and Asterhof saw the Katte being completely dominated by the Sterretjies throughout the game. Asterhof did not allow Katjiepiering to score a single goal throughout the match, with the Katte only venturing into their goal circle on a few occasions. According to the Katte’s coach, the Katjiepiering girls did little training before the game and it showed on court. Asterhof, on the other hand, played as a team and this resulted in an impressive half-time score of 16-0. During the second half, the Sterretjies continued with their impressive play, ending the game with a 21-0 win over the Katte.

The intra-mural netball league will continue until 31 July, the day of the finals. The finals will take place at the outdoor netball courts on LC de Villiers sports campus.

Photo: Provided

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