The Temporary Student Committee (TSC) has been in continuous negotiations with TuksRes regarding food prices in residence’s cafeterias this year.

This follows students approaching the TSC to express their concern over the changing food prices. According to TSC President Jordan Griffiths, the prices of approximately 20 items have been negotiated down and negotiations have been finalised.

The university decreased the prices of both booked meals and item sales by 5% in May last year. The decrease followed the university’s rejection of the 2012 SRC’s proposed 16% decrease. Along with this decrease, a free glass of juice was given with every booked meal. Many students feel that this decrease was not sufficient.

Ilana le Roux, a third-year BSc student and Zinnia resident, stated that “some of the products at the dining halls are more than double the price that you find at a grocery store and due to the fact that it is not always possible to go buy it elsewhere, you have to settle for paying so much.”

Jarryd Webber, a second-year BEng student and resident of Taaibos, stated that “as an academic institution, I believe that Tuks should be providing students in residence with food as close to cost price as possible, but this is clearly not happening.”

TuksRes stated that in order to provide the best quality service to students, the item sales prices only increase twice a year, regardless of supplier increase, and the prices of booked meals increase yearly. TuksRes also stated that they were aware of the fact that some of the larger stores such as Pick n Pay and Spar are cheaper than they are when it comes to item sales. However, they stated that this was due to lower negotiation powers and that the varsity is closed for approximately four months of the year, effectively shutting down business in the dining halls.

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