Unfortunately, this year, it’s hard (read: impossible) to run away from my responsibilities like that. I’m forced to face them and actually be an adult. Yuck. The worst is knowing that while I’m forgetting what having a normal sleeping pattern and a somewhat existent social life feels like, some people are merrily indulging their personal days. In the spirit of solidarity, I’ve come up with ways that you can help me beat the mid-year slump.

Scratch your New Year’s resolutions. You’re likely to have been a bit over ambitious, especially if you made them after one too many tequilas. Actually, there’s no such thing as one too many tequilas, but the point is that you’re probably not achieving all those goals you set for yourself. And that’s just going to make you feel bad. Reevaluate what you want to achieve, and what you can achieve, by the end of the year and focus on that.

Make time for yourself, even when you’re at your busiest. Go to Aandklas, go shopping, do yoga, drink more wine – whatever helps you relax. We don’t want any stress-crazed students unleashed on campus, although it would make for an interesting front page.

Embrace the slump. Two bad weeks aren’t the end of the world. Enjoy your Friends marathon, eat chocolate for every meal (public service announcement: Campus Kiosk sells Oreo Cadbury) and stay in your PJs all day every day. Remember that, if all else fails, Stellenbosch University offers a course in wine and that’s always an option.


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