Filling pages is no one-man job. I thank Molebo for asking the tough questions and genuinely caring about students at Tuks, India for making all the journalists look like rock stars, Rebecca for putting it all together and making the section editors look good, Michal-Maré for your clean copy and pristine pages, Maggie for being the life of Perdeby, Marko for taking web to new heights and bringing Wimbledon to our stoep, Michael Bongani for being the social butterfly at Perdeby and not listening to One Direction, Brad for being part of the furniture and always being willing to help. I thank you all for your selfless dedication to this publication, for your long hours of hard work, your journalistic integrity and your camaraderie during this year. You are a fantastic team and it showed in the quality of content that we published. I know it wasn’t always easy but nothing that is worthwhile in life ever is. I hope you take from this the experience and skills required to be successful in your future endeavours but more importantly the friendships and memories that will last a lifetime.

Max, we made it through the year without a breakdown. And if you did have a one, it never showed. You took the challenge of being editor head on and fearlessly kept the presses rolling through your term. You are a kind and gentle soul and your editorial and I respect and love you dearly. You are a magnificent editor and journalist and I know I will see your name on an editorial list of the fourth estate in the future.

Carel Willemse

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