15:10: The ampitheatre is now full, packed to its capacity. Students are chanting “Where are you de la Rey?”



14:55: Prof de la Rey to meet students at 15h00 in amphitheatre.



14:37: Crowd on the move again. Moving down Hillcrest back toward campus.



14:25: Marchers are dispersing and are heading back to campus.



14:09: The dining hall has supplied the crowd with food, juice and chips.



14:09: Protest comes to a standstill at Monate. There is uncertainty among leaders as to where to go now.



14:05: The march has been overwhelmingly peaceful. No danger to students, security, bystanders or property.



14:05: Students are demanding to be let in to TuksMonate.



14:01: Leaders address protesters. ‘Rassie’ Rasethaba and Michael Bongani Reinders negotiate with Monate to open it’s doors.



13:45: Students starting to gather outside dining hall. Doors have been locked.



13:45: Students at Tuks Monate.Moving towards the residences dining hall.



13:45: The march has now reached the entrance to the UPTuks residences.



13:43: March now going down Lunnon to LC De Villiers campus.



13:40: Marchers moving down Duncan Road. Whole Street is blocked.



13:30: SAPS plan to block off Jan Shoba street.



13:28: Police are escorting students down Lynwood Road.



13:28: Protest has split up. Some at main entrance, some marching to Lunnon gate. Reports of leadership still in Student Centre.



13:25: March leaders lose control as university gates are opened.



13:25: Students have now congregated outside the UPTuks main entrance and are blocking the intersection.



13:25: SAPS are present at the scene.



13:20: The march is keeping its momentum and is moving down Lynnwood Road, blocking traffic.



13:12: UPrising moves up Lynwood. The march seems to have been split in two. Students are marching down University road blocking traffic.



13:05: Due to the protesters being off campus, cars are forced to turn around on the university street.



12:55: Gate is opened and protest moves onto Festival Street. The protest has moved off campus.


12:55: Protesters now marching in direction of Prospect Gate, asking that it be opened.



12:53: Student leaders handed memorandum over at Admin building. Crowd now waiting for Prof. De la Rey to address them in the piazza.



12:15: While some students are returning to the student center others are staying behind at admin.



12:14: Students want prof De La Rey to lead protest to Student Centre.



12:12: Students call for Vice-Chancellor to address them, however, they will not let her speak.



12:12: Prof. De la Rey is speaking, but no one in the crowd can hear her.



11:55: VC will come out only if the entrance is cleared.


11:52: Leaders have called for discipline at the march. Prof. De la Rey has been given 15 minutes to come out and address the protesters.



11:48: Prof. De la Rey has agreed to come and speak to the students and receive their memorandum of demands.



11:44: The protesters are shouting for VC Cheryl de la Rey.


11:42: At least two SRC members have been allowed into UP’s administration building.



11:42: The protesters have gathered outside the admin building to hand over their memorandum to the VC.



11:39: Students have arrived at the administration building.



11:35: Security and EFF, Sasco leaders keeping crowd under control.



11:25: The march has doubled in size is moving to the Administration building. The atmosphere is lively.



11:22: Students are retreating from the Merensky Library and continuing with the protest.



11:16: Students studying in the Merensky Library are being evacuated through other entrances.



11:11: Protesting students are trying to enter the library.


11:17: Protesting students are heading to Merensky Library to encourage studying students to join the protest.



11:06: UP security reportedly content with the UPrising protest so far.



10:30: UPrising demands:

1. We demand free education.

2. We demand no fee increment (zero percent) across the board.

3. We demand that no person(s) participating in this mass protest action be victimised and/ or prosecuted by the University or its affiliates.

4. We demand that provision be made for students participation in this mass protest action to catch up on any academic activity which was disrupted and/ or missed as a result of said action.

5. We demand the Food Services (TuksRes) must decrease their prices to be market competitive. In the interim, we are launching an investigation with the Competition Commission, as well as the office of Public Protector in order to follow up.

6. We demand that any and all financial decisions impacting on students must be proposed to students no later than September each year.

7. We demand that a student’s financial status shall have no bearing on their ability to retain their Residence placement.

8. We demand that every person who is deemed fit for financial aid, as per the NSFAS criteria, receive such financial aid from the University.

9. We demand the removal of application fees as well as the residence levy fee.

10. We demand that a seat be allocated to a student representative on the Standing Committee of the Council.

11. We demand that no interest rate (zero percent) on any outstanding fees owed by a student.

12. We demand no registration fee.

13. We demand the Council convenes and ratifies this document in our presence.



10:27: UPrising first student demand has been stated: We demand free education.



10:10: Demands are going to be read at the Student Centre.



10:08: Groenkloof students have arrived to join the protest.



10:08: Student leaders of the UPrising movement are introduced to the crowd.



09:56: A police vehicle is on campus.



09:56: Protest has stopped at student center for a mass meeting and address by? UPrising.



09:50: Protesters singing and dancing in the Student Centre.



09:48: Protesters begin to fill the Student Centre.



09:43: Protesters at the library.



09:38: Security staff are on standby at Merensky library and at Lynnwood Road entrance.



09:23: The protest is gaining momentum and making its way to the universities main gate.



09:10: Lunnon gate opened. Protesters are signing and dancing,



08:46: Protesters are moving to the Student Centre.



08:44: Protest turns away from the Prospect gate.



08:43: University does not want to open the gate due to liability issues.



08:43: Student Protesters call for the gates to be opened at the Prospect Street entrance, so that they can protest outside the university.



08:40: Turnstile locks being opened at Prospect Street allow more students to exit at a time.



08:30: A small group of students have started a protest which is moving around campus.



07:45: Plan of action provided by student leaders.



07:35: UP campus security only opening one turnstile per entrance to control movement onto campus.



07:32: Student leadership claims that the march could continue until demands have been met by the university council.



07:30: UPrising students say that suspending activities on campus today is a tactic by the university to deter the protest.



07:20: UPrising leaders state they have 13 demands they want university council to address.



07:15: Student leaders have arrived on campus in anticipation for today’s protest.

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