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Perdeby sat down with Cape Town based brewing company, Little Wolf, to chat about the upcoming Capital Craft Beer Festival. If you are an avid beer drinker or even just interested in the artisanal beer scene, the 2018 craft beer fest will be held on 16 June at the Pretoria National Botanical Garden.


For our readers who do not know about Little Wolf, describe the brewery in five words.
Using science to create art.


What can patrons expect from you at this year’s Capital Craft Beer Festival?
Dry and delicious ciders, including our collaboration Elderflower cider with Alpha Craft, as well as the ever-popular Hoppy Wheat.


What aspects of a beer festival keeps Little Wolf breweries coming back?
Chatting with our fans and introducing new people to our drinks. We love being able to personally interact with drinkers and shatter their preconceptions of what beers, cider and other drinks can be.


Which of the Little Wolf beers would you recommend to someone who is a novice at the art of beer drinking?
Hoppy Wheat for sure! Seriously aromatic and flavourful but oh so easy to drink.


Little Wolf produces a myriad of products including a Cape Dry Tonic. With the rise in the popularity of the humble G&T will the brewing company ever dabble in gin production to go with the tonic?
We would love to but nothing on the cards yet. There are so many great Gin makers out there, I think we’d prefer to work with those brands out that that are really pushing the boundary and bring our skill sets together to make something wonderful.


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