While everyone else in res was enjoying a good night’s sleep on the infamous res mattresses, a Kollege resident decided to sleep under the stars for 31 nights (February 1 to March 3) out on the Kollege rocks. It’s a tradition to sleep for three nights on the “klippe” in order to be knighted into the Republic of Kollege. But Riaan Groenewald, a semi in Kollege, decided to go a bit further and set a record for the res.

“It didn’t start out as a record,” said Groenewald. According to Groenewald, Kollege residents sleep out on the rocks to protect  them from raids by other residences.

“I didn’t do it to receive anything materialistic,” added Groenewald. “I did it to show the first years that as a second year, you have to have a sense of pride for your res.”

He set the record to promote res traditions. “I believe in the upkeep of traditions and making traditions stronger,” added Groenewald. “If we don’t try to create more traditions we will be left with nothing.”

So Groenewald took his mattress, pillow and blanket outside to sleep under the stars on the klippe. Sleeping outside might sound adventurous, but it becomes more challenging when nature has its own plans.

“I slept three nights in the pouring rain and that was challenging,” said Groenewald. “Close to the end on the twenty-third day I was rethinking it, but I managed to pull through.”

Groenewald also explained that it would be great if the res would start an initiative in the future. The initiative/campaign should create awareness for homeless people.

“It was an interesting experience,” said Groenewald. Would he do it again? Absolutely.

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