If only everyone would follow the last rule. A world where everyone endeavours to be kind sounds quite utopian: if you’re kind about a person’s race, features, religion, sexuality or anything else about them, you leave yourself no room to be bigoted.

There’s too little kindness in the world these days. You don’t need to look hard to find unkindness: the Porsche passenger who assaulted someone who hooted at him, the person in the HB who pushes everyone out the way to get into the lift first, the internet trolls who threaten people who express opinions different to their own with physical violence. I could go on, but it makes me too sad.

Being kind to someone – which you can achieve with the simplest act, like holding a door open – shows that you respect the fact that he or she is a human. It shows that you understand that you are not above recognising their dignity. You lose a bit of your own dignity each time you deny someone else’s.



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