The elements of her British R&B are still present throughout this album. The bass on this album has also been made more prominent, which will make them club bangers and chart-toppers. The songs are also more complex, requiring a lot of time to hear eachmelody in the harmonies. As confusing as they may be, the songs are all diverse, making the album exciting.

The lyrics on Alive, however, do not vary in content. They are lighter and less crude than those from her first album. They focus mainly on either the appreciation of her lover or how she isn’t fazed by her haters. Some of the songs speak more of her personal situations and this makes you want to keep listening.

One such song is “I Miss Her”. It tells the story of a young girl close to her who is dying and she fears that she will forget her after her death. It is a personal song, carried by piano and string accompaniment, which flows fittingly from the soulful “Breathe”, but isn’t too much of a downer to be placed before the funky “Daydreamin”.

Jessie J has collaborated with a number of worthwhile artists. Keeping the number of collaborations in her songs to a minimum, Jessie J has included the voices of Becky G, Big Sean, Brandy and Dizzee Rascal in various songs. It is in the fervent “Conquer the World” that Jessie J and Brandy pair up perfectly showcasing both their talents.

Throughout the rest of the album, Jessie J’s range is in full throttle from her high vibrato to her lower tones. This range is what sets the album alive and is exploited in “Thunder” and “Gold”.

Previously, Jessie J didn’t use the range within her music as dynamically as she has in Alive. This is why her new album will garner the attention that she deserves.

Rating: 9/10

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