Immense pressure still rested on their shoulders for Saturday night’s game, where they would once again face defending champions the Free State Crinums. The match was just as exciting as everyone expected it to be, and the crowd was kept on the edge of their seat as the one-point lead changed hands by the minute. Dedicated defence from the Crinums allowed for several intercepts, but it was the Jaguars who managed to clutch each narrow lead by seconds in the first three quarters of the match.

The final quarter had onlookers on their feet, with a three-minute countdown and a one-point Jaguar lead. The Jaguars anxiously took their positions to face the next Crinum centre pass, surprising the crowd with crucial turnovers that led them to a 45-40 victory.

Melissa Myburgh, vice-captain and player of the match, said she does not believe that victory in the matches ahead is now guaranteed. “Each team has analysed our game and will try to counter this in any way that they can. We hope to improve on basics from here,” said Myburgh. Jaguar coach Jenny van Dyk commented on the game saying, “The victory is fantastic, but ultimately everything rests on the final match [of the Premier League]. We have a totally new combination next weekend as five of our players are leaving to play for the Protea team in Ireland. We are excited to see whether our young talent can cope or not.”


Photo: Stefan Stander

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