These events included a movie screening entitled Under the Forest which was broadcast to Tuks students in order to familiarise them with what is currently going on in Israel. There was also a graffiti painting session for students who did not get the opportunity to see the movie. On 6 March a silent walk was conducted around campus to create awareness of the oppression that the Palestinian people are facing. Saturday 7 March was National Day of Action against Woolworths. There was a boycott against Woolworth’s stores due to the trade relationship they have with Israel. During an interview with Perdeby, Matlou Pataki, who is a representative of Sasco said: “As South Africans, and as a post-apartheid state, we need to be in solidarity with the Palestinians as we know too well what the effects of apartheid are. This is a human rights issue and everyone should be ‘up in arms’ about it. The discrimination of anyone based on the colour of their skin is inhumane and must be uprooted, whether in South Africa or Israel.” This was the 11th Israeli Apartheid Week which took place in over 200 cities worldwide


Image: Hendro van der Merwe


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