What do you think the team still needs to work on?

We’ve been conceding a lot of soft goals, scoring a lot, but defensively there is still a lot we can improve on. It’s strange for us because characteristically or historically we are a very good defensive side. We don’t normally score a lot of goals so this year it’s a different problem for us, so if we can sharpen our defence then we can be a better team.

Do you think UP still stands a good chance to reclaim the title?
Definitely. Tuks over the years, and especially [in] recent years, we’ve become one of the dominant football tertiary institutions in the country and this year is no different. We have a very good squad and of course we’ve got a coach who’s won trophies in tertiary football so I think we have a very good chance.

Going into the sixth round of the tournament which do you think are the teams to look out for?
UJ are still the favourites, which suits us. They [have] been doing well, they haven’t dropped points. They are performing very well. They are very clinical in the chances that they create and they haven’t lost so far, so UJ are the strong team so far.

In your opinion, which of the five matches that Tuks have played was the best?
In my opinion, the last game against North-West [University]. Although we didn’t get the results, performance wise it was our best performance all round not just from us but from North-West as well. Taking away from the performance a lot of positives came out of it in terms of defence and offensively keeping the ball in transition. So performance wise it was the game against North-West.

How does it feel to be back playing for Tuks after playing for the University of Western Cape last year?
It feels good. Tuks is my home. It’s where I developed and where most of my friends are. It’s like coming home. It’s a great honour and it always has been and I hope I can do justice to the honour by helping the team win the trophy.

What do you think the team has gotten right so far?
Team spirit. We have a very good team, a lot of good players and a lot of good characters as well. My biggest concern was that we wouldn’t be able [to] gel but the last match proved that we have and that’s what matters when it’s not going well. The boys are happy and there’s a good team spirit which will go a long way in helping us win. The team spirit has been the highlight for me. There’s a family atmosphere here.


Image: varsitysportssa.com

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