Featuring the classic legend of Dr Frankenstein and his monster, the 2014 fantasy action movie I, Frankenstein puts a new twist on the supernatural with mythological and historically accurate facts. Paired with incredible computer-generated images and set-design and topped off with a good dash of action movie elements, I, Frankenstein is a rush of a sci-fi experience.

The movie was made with the collaboration of some of the greatest, most underrated actors of our time, a relatively small budget of $65 million and an extremely capable team of special-effects artists, with writer and director Stuart Beattie bringing it all together.

Although the obvious message in the movie is simple and brought forth in an equally simple plot. Such simplicity is necessary to prevent audiences from becoming tired of all the graphic detail of the characters and fight sequences.

The plot lacks substance and intrigue in some parts of the movie, and together with the seemingly flaccid nature of some of the characters, the movie won’t be a match for a wide variety of people’s appetites.

Contrary to this, the score is greatly executed. The rolling sound manages to add to the suspense of the scenes, but is not overwhelming to viewers.

The overly simple plot and layout as a whole might have non-sci-fi fans regretting the decision to spend their money to see the movie, but for sci-fi fans of grand calibre, this movie is an action ride in fantasy that cannot be skipped out on.

Image: imdb.com

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