No, I am not referring to Joburg boets asking their chommies how it’s going. ‘Howzat’ is the shouting you hear from the cricket bowler when he tries to convince the umpire that the batter should be out. 

South Africa has enjoyed some fantastic cricket at the start of the year. Our u/19 men’s cricket team competed at the World Cup hosted in our very own Mzansi. We finished at the top of our group but unfortunately lost against India in the semi-finals. So close, yet so far. 

More positive news is that the South African women’s cricket team achieved two historic wins over Australia in their respective T20 and One Day International (ODI) series. This is astonishing, since the Australian team is playing much more matches than us, and they are ranked number one in the world.

The local SA20 cricket league built on its success from last year and had the victors of 2023 yet again in the final, defending their title against the Durban Super Giants. This league is a six galore fest, with maximum boundaries being hit like it is going out of fashion. During the tournament, 454 sixes were hit. This is almost the same number of times some random oke will tell you from which res he is and why his res is the best (it’s not).  

Howzat for a quick cricket summary?

Christiaan Steenekamp
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