The Republicof Olienhoutand their 2012 Rag partners Katjiepiering have teamed up with the folks from to help bring an end to rhino poaching. The initiative began with Save the Rhino Week (19-23 September) and will continue throughout the new HK term as their theme for Rag.

“As the Rhino res, we feel a responsibility to take care of rhinos,” said Olienhout Minister of Rag, Sean Jamieson. Olienhout started their mission by selling rhino merchandise (which will be available all year long) in the Piazza on World Rhino Day (21 September), with proceeds being donated to “All the proceeds will go to training and equipping anti-poaching rangers,” continues Jamieson. “It costs R30 000 to train a ranger. We would like to try and pay for three to five rangers.”

The Olienhout men then held an anti-poaching party at Herr Gunters on Friday 23 September. Herr Gunters generously agreed to sponsor R2 for every drink sold. Next, the Houte will be joining their Rag partners for a “hike” around the new walking trails on campus this Tuesday dressed in their anti-poaching gear. They have also been given special permission to open their clubhouse to have an anti-poaching social on Thursday 29 September. Proceeds will go towards the website as well as building a new shelter for a black rhino which is being kept hidden from poachers.

One of their long term goals is to revive the “Tour de Rhino” cycle tour to Potch. This year, however, the idea would be centred around getting companies to sponsor distances cycled by the participants. “It will be a change from partying,” explains Jamieson, although he promises that supporters will still have a good time.

So if you haven’t already partied for rhinos, support the anti-poaching social or buy the merchandise from Olienhout or to help weed out poachers and save the rhino.


Photo: JP Nathrass

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