A gritty combination of amazing lead performances and spectacular visuals tie the movie together to produce an emotional rollercoaster that sets the overall tone and is sure to leave audiences either begging for more or outright hating it. Horns boasts a well written script and solid editing, providing a semi-unpredictable series of events and a number of excellently timed plot twists. The continuous narration provides a reflective aspect to the events and brings emotions like remorse and self-loathing to the forefront.

The mood of the film starts out with a dark comedic element, but grows more sinister as it progresses. Although the revenge movie genre has been repeated to the point of exhaustion, Horns seems to be the exception, only lacking consistency at times due to directorial inexperience in this particular genre.

In addition to this, the lead acting performances and visual effects that should immerse the viewer lack follow-through as tedious scene pauses and inconsistent support acting cause the movie to lose feeling with the audience for long periods of time.

Horns offers a great opportunity for Daniel Radcliffe to develop as an actor outside of the Harry Potter franchise and to showcase the diversity of his acting capabilities. 

Raiting: 3.5/5


Image: spinoff.comicbookresources.com

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