The turbulent era of national turmoil continues to be a popular theme in South Africa’s film industry. A Million Colours is a romantic action-adventure film that portrays tragic struggles in Soweto in the midst of Apartheid. The film is based on the true story of actors Muntu Ndebele (Wandile Molebatsi) and Norman Knox (Jason Hartman) who starred in e’Lollipop, the 1976 film about a friendship between children of two different races.

Directed by Peter Bishai, A Million Colours outlines the lives of these two young boys from their days as young actors to the way racial barriers damaged their lives and friendship. Its main focus is Muntu’s transformation from a young, well-known actor to a man on a quest to save his beloved Sabela (Masello Motana) from her arranged marriage to a Zulu chief. Muntu becomes a devious thief and eventually begins to decay in one of the city’s notorious drug dens.

On the other hand, Norman’s attitude towards segregation is altered when he joins the army and betrays Muntu. But as the movie progresses, he realises the value of friendship and, with a guilty conscience to assuage, spends his life showing e’Lollipop to various villages throughout the country.

A number of bloody and violent scenes portray events such as the Soweto uprising, the Church Street bombing and general unrest in the townships.

The film includes manifold perspectives by also focusing on the frustrations of the white men who were forced into the army by the government.

Because the film spans across 30 years, the rapid pace and frequent change of scene becomes overwhelming. It might have had more impact if it concentrated on the details of a few issues rather than forcing a wide range of topics into a short time frame. The script tends to come across as shallow demeaning the passionate themes of the film.

A Million Colours touches on many significant events in South Africa’s history, making it a decent movie for those who are longing to learn about what life was like during Apartheid South Africa. The ending contains some redemption among the characters and is especially touching. Overall, the theme of the film reveals that political and social turmoil cannot hinder the endurance of love and friendship.

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RATING: 5/10



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