According to him, he found a lot of accounts relating to the university and thus could not find what he was searching for. “That’s where the idea of Hooqey came from”, he said. Hooqey is a social networking platform that allows users to post updates, called Hooks, which followers, called Keepers, will be able to see if they follow the user. Users can follow other accounts and these are known as their Keepups.

Maziya explained that he uses a company based in Vietnam to keep his site up and running. The company works on the site daily and makes changes to the site if Maziya asks them to do so. Maziya said that he would like to see his creation “grow”. Maziya said, “What I’ve realized with students is [that] it is very difficult, especially when you’re coming from matric, to choose a university. Sometimes you don’t have a clear insight of what is happening at those universities. I want it to be a platform where students can use it make better decisions.” Maziya explained that Hooqey is designed for students to be able to know what is happening on their campuses without physically being present on campus. “It is important for you to know what’s happening [on your campus],” he said. The creator said that he faced challenges in the past as his idea failed a couple of times due to funding issues. Students can sign up for a Hooqey account on Hooqey’s website. Hooqey is available in a desktop application and can also be downloaded for Andriod and iOS devices from their respective app stores. The platform currently holds a 4,5 rating on Google’s Play Store.

The site is available for all universities in South Africa.


Image: Hooqey app, Google Play Store