The semi-finals saw Vividus Ladies take to the field against Madelief to secure a 3-1 win.  Sonop and Taaibos provided some excitement in their match, with Sonop managing to come away with a 2-0 victory despite many scoring opportunities for Taaibos.

The ladies from Onderstepoort and Curlitzia did not disappoint in the next match, taking the battle to a penalty shootout. Curlitzia converted both their first shots at goal, but Onderstepoort came back to convert their remaining three shots. Brilliant work from the Onderstepoort goalkeeper prevented Curlitzia from converting another. Onderstepoort won the match 3-2.

The last semi-final had the Onderstepoort men’s team and Olienhout battle it out for the last spot in the final. Despite being a somewhat uneventful match, the tension started to build when time was about to run out with no score on the board.  The men from Olienhout managed to score a goal with only two minutes of play to go and secured their place in the final.

In the play-offs, Madelief managed to beat Curlitzia to attain bronze, while Taaibos beat Onderstepoort.
The Onderstepoort women’s team led the final at half time after dominating territory and possession. The second half saw Vividus Ladies come out strong and managing to equalise with time to play. Vividus kept up the pressure and managed to score the winning goal with only minutes of play left. Vividus coach Lehlohonolo Maluke told Perdeby after half time that the team “stopped playing for the medals and started playing hockey for [themselves]”.

Olienhout managed to take an early lead in the men’s final just four minutes into the match.  They defended well for the remainder of the match and Sonop’s only chance was saved by the goalie. With one minute to play, Sonop was given a penalty opportunity but a few tense moments later saw Olienhout win the match.

With one minute to play, Sonop was given a penalty opportunity but after a few tense moments Olienhout won the match and went home with the gold medals.

Photo: Ilana van Heerden

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