A UP student was hijacked outside of Mamelodi campus on 17 August.

According to the Director of Security Services Colin Fouche´ the student exited the main entrance of the campus and before entering the main road was confronted by armed men who forced her from her car and sped away. A Fidelity Security Services officer at the campus entrance witnessed the incident and immediately went to the student’s aid. The student was not harmed during the hijacking.

A formal criminal case has been opened at the Mamelodi East police station but the perpetrators are still at large. The vehicle has not been recovered.

Abigail Smith, a first-year nutrition and food science student at Mamelodi campus, told Perdeby that she and her friends are afraid of driving to and from campus after the incident, especially after an ATM-bombing took place on 29 July just outside of the Mamelodi campus gate.

Fouche´ assured Perdeby that the Department of Security Services will be re-evaluating security at Mamelodi campus, but said that one’s safety outside of UP campuses is the collective responsibility of individuals and the jurisdiction of the South African Police Services.

Fouche´ added that the main road outside Mamelodi campus, where the hijacking took place, is part of the public domain where multiple hawkers and informal public transport services are located. There are many pedestrians constantly crossing the road at the position where the hijacking took place which creates a challenging environment.

Fouche´ encouraged students who feel unsafe when driving to Mamelodi campus by car to make use of the available Mamelodi/Hatfield bus services.

“UP is very concerned about the safety of all students and staff and will do whatever is necessary to keep them safe,” Fouché added.

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