Ashleigh Nefdt

We all have a place where we like to spend our time on campus, maybe it is sitting on the grass or wasting time in an empty lecture hall. Wherever it may be, if you seek to dive deeper, there are a whole lot of hidden gems only waiting to be discovered and enjoyed.


The Old Arts Building
You know that huge building with the crystal blue water fountain that you always seem to walk past but never dare go inside due to its super mysterious aura? That building hides a beautiful, old and enlightening museum with beautiful artworks from all around Africa, including the Golden Rhinoceros of Mapungubwe. It is a go-to treasure hunt for a historical and cultural explorer.


Hidden Gardens
The Manie van der Schijff Botanical Garden is a beautiful gem hidden on the West side of Campus. Boasting an incredible collection of around 3 000 different kind of flora. This very peaceful area is perfect for when you want to escape the stresses of university life and just fade away with nature. It is often also a perfect place for couples to have some quiet time.


This is probably the most fun and educational place on campus. Located near the Thuto building and the AIM Labs, this Science emporium is a place that will bring out your inner child. There are interactive science diagrams and experiments and even a mirror maze. We suggest giving yourself an hour to fully experience the emporium.


Never the Same Painting Twice
The mural that lies en route to the Humanities building is probably one of the most underrated hidden gems that the campus has to offer. For anyone looking to admire brightly coloured paintings with information of something great dawning upon campus or to snap a picture for social media to show your varsity pride, the Mural is worth the walk.


Photo: Rebecca-Anne Perridge

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