Multimedia: Mothusi Masibi

Eita, I’m Mothusi, a computer science student, PC gamer, graphic designer and, most importantly, the new Multimedia Editor at Perdeby. I’ve got big plans for multimedia content and I can’t wait to push the boundaries of what a student publication is capable of, from videos to podcasts, livestreams to interactive content.

My goals are to get in touch with students at Tuks and provide a new avenue through which your opinions are heard, the manner in which events are covered, and producing entertaining content that gets you coming back for more. This is going to be a fun journey as we’ll be trying new things and experimenting with new concepts. I hope you’re as excited as I am. 






News: Chad Johnston

Hello. My name is Chad Johnston. I like long walks to Burger King as well as Netflix and chill. I am a lover of all things artistic and I consider myself a professional liker of things. I have tight rhymes but I’m not a rapper. This year, I plan to create an interactive news section at Perdeby that is accessible to all students and staff. I’d like to build strong relationships with as many student societies as possible, so if you’re looking to push a political agenda, I don’t discriminate. Contact me. You may also call me Chaddalz, Chazzle Dazzle, Princess Sparklebutt, That Bearded Guy, or Chocolate Thundah.





Sport: Carli-Ann Furno

If you are a talented athlete, if you wish you were a talented athlete, if you are an adventurer, or if you just like to watch the rugby from your couch over the weekend, hello! My name is Carli-Ann and I have recently been chosen as Sport Editor. Do you know why that excites me? Because I am all of those things that I mentioned. I have talent in some sports, I wish I had talent in other sports, I love adventuring deep into the wilderness, and I often jump on my couch when the rugby gets a bit too intense. I want to share stories of people who pursue the fullness of their talents, and I want to share those stories with you. I’m looking forward to a year of encountering all that sport has to offer, with every high and low.






Features: Huvasan Reddy

Hello there UP student, my name is Huvasan Reddy and I’m the incoming Features Editor of this fine publication. First things first: I’m the realest. I’m also a second-year BA Law student, an avid writer and a lover of snacks (I’m not as chubby as I look in the picture). During my term, I’d like to increase the Features readership and deliver fun, enjoyable content while at the same time delving deep into current affairs and letting students know about what they need to know. Also, my mixtape is fire *flame emoji*. Jokes, I don’t rap. I’d like to make special mention of outgoing Features Editor Leanne Cumming, whose guidance and expertise has prepared me for this prestigious position. 





Web: Marko Svicevic

Hi everyone. Moving into my fourth year at Perdeby and my third year as the Web Editor, I’m glad to say that Perdeby has been able to bring you lots of exciting (and exclusive) online content, particularly in this past year. I trust that 2016 will be an even more exciting year. The Web section, in collaboration with the Multimedia section led by the awesome Mothusi Masibi, will strive to bring you even more information and entertainment at your fingertips, literally. Perdeby is currently working on some pretty cool stuff, including, but not limited to, livestreaming, a Perdeby app, and with some help from a few brilliant people, you might even be able to read Perdeby “Harry Potter style” next year. The magic’s in the mystery, so we can’t divulge too much at this stage, but needless to say, expect big things from us in 2016.






Visuals: Shen Scott

Hi. I’m Shen. Shensational, half-shentaur, and always up to shenanigans. I also live in Shenturion. You’ve probably realised now why I don’t write for Perdeby (wow a full shentence without a pun. Wait. Never mind). I’m the Visuals Editor. I’m a passionate photographer and design hobbyist. I can’t draw or paint or perform in traditional artistic mediums, so I stick to the digital realm. I also beatbox a lot (ask the spit on the shirts of those around me) and love to dance. I’m in my third year of a BSc in genetics, psychology and human physiology. Yes. That’s the degree’s name. Yes. It’s hard. Yes. BSc and photography. I have my camera with me every day and you can often see me around Hatfield campus. If you do see me, come say hi, and if you think the paper is ugly, definitely come say hi.





Imaging: Nikita Mokgware

Hello, my name is Nikita Mokgware, and I’m the Imaging Editor of Perdeby. Now, what exactly is an Imaging Editor? Well, not in charge of the images, that’s for sure (we’ve got Shen for that). No, I’m in charge of the brand personality and visual identity of Perdeby, meaning I help out with the scripting of videos, podcasts, and the layout of the print paper in order to supervise how we are shown to you, the students. This year I want to bring some good old student interaction to the paper so that the students have a say and then see that their say matters and has been given a loudspeaker to be heard. Also, I’d like to step up our multimedia game and lead Perdeby into the future that is digital media and make us a diabolical, multi-faceted student newspaper. Then maybe some world domination on the side. We’ll see.

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