I hope to build on what she has achieved this year by bringing you even more diversity, more critical information and more amusement. We also have exciting things planned for Web and the all-new Multimedia section, and I hope to increase interaction with you, the reader. If that doesn’t go according to plan, I’m really good at pulling strange faces.



 Michael Bongani Reinders – News

Some of you may recognise me. I was the Sport editor this year and I am going to be the News editor for the year ahead. I look forward to the task before me. I believe that news is very important and that it is the role of the media to inform the public of what is going on. Perdeby is the first place that students can get most of their campus news. I want to take the News section to new heights and report what you deserve to know, bringing you the important stories and contentious issues. I want to urge all the readers to engage with us – be aware of what is going on around you. Also, you should be willing to raise your voice and share your opinion. I am open to suggestions and any information you might have regarding news so please feel free to contact me.




Maggie Roodt – Features

 Hi again. I’m still here next year and they’re making me do this. As I’m writing this an old Perdeby Entertainment editor, Lusanda, instructed me that I get to make only one sex joke in this introduction.

Here’s mine: You know how they always say size doesn’t matter? Lies. Features articles are always about depth and that means they’re quite lengthy. Next year you can expect many articles like these about topics that are relevant to all kinds of students, from bibliophiles to wife-beater enthusiasts. The previous Features editor has been a very good mentor to me and I will definitely miss her. However, I will take everything 2014 Maggie has done to higher levels. (While my fellow editors will go to drunker levels.)



 Elmarie Kruger – Entertainment

 Being as socially awkward as I am, greeting people spontaneously has never been something that comes naturally to me. Working at a publication like Perdeby is an experience that rams you out of your comfort zone though – especially if you find yourself in the Entertainment section. So hi, I’m Elmarie. I’m studying English and I like pugs and Batman. In the coming year, I hope to build upon the excellent things that the Entertainment section has accomplished in 2014. I’d like us to discover even more new branches and genres of entertainment, so we can tell you all about them.



 Simphiwe Nhlabathi – Sport

 Hello, my name is Simphiwe and I am the new Sport editor for Perdeby. This is actually quite weird for me, because I prefer introducing myself to people in person, but I think I’m a nice guy. I’m a proud believer in the #Unashamed movement. All I want for the Sport section is to introduce you guys to the superstars you go to class with. Legit. You’re probably sitting next to a guy who is the next Springbok captain but you wouldn’t even know it (Yes, Pieter Griesel and Derek Botha, I’m talking about you). So, what’s in it for you? Just a chance to brag to your kids and grandkids about “knowing” the next superstar when, actually, you don’t. As a parting word, I just want to ask those who support the movement: “WHO’S THE MAN?”



 Herman Hoogenboezem – Copy

What if I told you that my name is Herman, and that I am the Copy editor at Perdeby? As much as haters are going to hate, one does not simply write an introduction without using as many memes as possible. I don’t always tell you what’s going to happen, but when I do, I tell you to prepare yourself, because the new editorial is coming (actually, it’s here). I do sometimes think to myself, am I the only one around here who loves working for Perdeby? All of the current editors determined that is a lie. We all love Perdeby and will ensure that you do too. Aliens.



Marko Svicevic – Web

Hi guys, I’m Marko and I am the Web editor (again) for 2015. I’m known as the mean, aggressive, intimidating Eastern European who is “sometimes nice”. Lies, I tell you, lies! But anyways, pushing into my third year at Perdeby and second year as Web editor, I have decided that our website needs something more – a complete makeover. We are currently in the process of revamping the current website and creating a new, even more awesome one. Expect great things from my section in the coming year. I mean, nowadays the internet has become a part of our lives. Social media, music, movies, porn…it’s all a click away. Also, don’t forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Instagram. See you guys next year.




 Hendro van der Merwe – Visuals

 I have been part of Perdeby for three years and, finally, the previous Visuals editor decided to climb off the Visuals throne. Brad (the previous Visual editor) was a great mentor and friend and without him I would not be where I am in Perdeby today. My aim is to lead a team that creates unforgettable images. Perdeby will be reaching new web frontiers next year, adding different multimedia content and the Visuals team will have to adapt like never before. I study psychology and photography is my dirty  mistress. Between them there will always be a blackmail photo. Boom!



Keegan Schmidt – Multimedia

 My name is Keegan and yes, I’m a nerd and I’m proud of it. I am an avid gamer and always try to better myself however I can. As the Multimedia editor, my goal is to make the Perdeby website interactive and the first site that Tukkies students check for the latest news and features. I hope to extend the website’s content so that when a student reads an article in Perdeby and wants more information, they know exactly where to go. I want to utilise audio and video to enhance the website and keep it as up to date as possible. I also want to say good luck to all Tuks students and I hope to see as many people as possible reading the paper. After all, it’s awesome!




Dylan Coleman – Layout

Hello, I’m Dylan. I’m not an alcoholic but I’ve heard that being Layout editor will make me one, so I’m keeping an AA card in my wallet. Layout is materialisation of the ideas of journalists, the skills of photographers and the meticulous work of copy editors to create 10 000 papers every week. It is a process that I’m excited to be the leader of. I’m not trying to revolutionise the print industry. Those before me have set a standard I am happy to aspire to. “Why fix it if it ain’t broke?”, some wise man somewhere once said. My goal is to produce a Perdeby that is clean, clear and well constructed. I have a great team for 2015. We hope to deliver a paper that you can continue to enjoy. 

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