Various organisations joined forces on Friday, 24 July, to collect blankets and toys for charities and police dogs. The icy cold winds on Friday morning failed to keep people from donating goods that will go to worthy causes.

The ‘Hope starts in Hatfi eld’ initiative is organised by the Hatfi eld City Improvement District (CID). The aim of the initiative was to collect toys for the South African Police Service (SAPS) puppies and any dog food.

Blankets and clothes were also donated to give to shelters, especially those that don’t receive government funding. Henriette Vorster, CID Spokesperson, feels that The Hope starts in Hatfi eld “will encourage students and members of the community to carry on with the good work and spread hope in everyday living.”

The current Miss Hatfi eld (Bianca Verlinden), fi rst princess (Tanya Tosen) and second princess (Skye Rainies) had already collected 14 000 blankets as a run up to this event. Verlinden says it is important to “help people in these freezing times.

Appealing to the public could really help many people.” The South African Police Service, the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) and the Metro Police set up stalls in the Square to promote and support the initiative.

Colette Weilbach, the spokesperson for the Brooklyn SAPS, says that the involvement of these different departments shows the community that they care. “If we all work together in partnership then we can uplift our community.”

Other organisations involved in this project were the Stabilis treatment centre, Petsure and the Pretoria Municipality. This is just one of many initiatives that aim to uplift and support the Hatfi eld community. The blankets are sure to bring some warmth this cold winter.

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