I know there’s a whole debate with language and I acknowledge that it is a whole lot harder if you’re writing in a second or third language, but if marketing is your job, you have the responsibility to get it right. I know I (and the Copy editor) get so embarrassed when Perdeby has mistakes. Really people, be better, or at least try to acknowledge that little zig-zag line that runs under your spelling or grammar mistake.

Okay, I’m finished complaining and think it’s only fair to be a bit nice too. I’d like to congratulate Inca for placing in Serenade. It’s so exciting to see not one but two education residences excel in something this year. It comforts me to know our future teachers are making an effort to be excellent (and maybe this will also eventually improve our language usage problems).

Perdeby will be back on 31 August. In the meantime, if you think you have a good command of the English language (or can offer us support with visuals, layout, web or multimedia), our application form is on pagel9.


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