Unasa has a number of proposed activities which will take place during Green Week. There will be five major events taking place. These include teaching children from a school affiliated to Unasa Pretoria basic environmental skills, hosting a film festival of documentaries that deal with relevant environmental issues, facilitating discussions, creating pledges for students to take in order to encourage environmental action, a debate organised by the head of the Model United Nations on Saturday 18 April, and the planting of a tree which will serve as the closing ceremony for Green Week.

There will be other activities that will take place during the course of the week, such as the setting up of recycling bins on campus to promote a clean environment and multiple daily quizzes with small “green prizes” to help students realise the importance of sustainable living. In a press release, Unasa said that, “Living sustainably has become a global responsibility and Unasa Pretoria, in cooperation with the University of Pretoria, plans to take account for our part of this responsibility.”


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