This December you will be performing at the Jameson Vic Falls Carnival. What can the attendees expect from your set?
This is our first time performing in Zimbabwe, so we are seriously excited. Ben [Peters, electronic percussionist] was born in Harare, so we have always wanted to tour there and we think this festival will be the perfect event to be our big debut. Our performance mixes live instruments with electronic beats and we throw a lot of energy at the audience and involve them a lot in the show. We have a huge amount of fun with everyone!

At the event, you will be performing alongside SA music veterans Mango Groove. What does this mean to you?
It’s a bit of a milestone for us. As a twelve-year-old girl, the biggest fight I hadwith my best friend was over who got to keep Claire Johnston’s autograph after shesigned a bit of paper for us, so I was quite a huge fan and still am today. I lovetheir energy and their music. It’s real and African and reminds me of the good olddays!

You recently collaborated with Black Motion on the song “Kota”. What was the experience like?
[It was] one of the best experiences we have ever had. Black Motion comprises of two of the most humble and talented guys you will meet. We come from such different backgrounds, yet we are linked through our love for electronic music. The song is blowing up at the moment across SA airwaves and we have been blown away by the response to it so far!


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