Our university offers a wide variety of restaurants and take-out places, each able to tempt students into buying a selection of treats such as cake, pizza, burgers and pies. Great for satisfying the munchies in between classes but not so great for the waistline.

This is where Tuks Student Gym (TSG) comes in. TSG has two locations, one at LC de Villiers and one on Groenkloof campus. There are various types of membership fees available which makes payment options easy and affordable, even for those on the tightest student budget.

The gym itself is divided into four sections: cardio machinery, resistance machinery, free weights and a stretching area. There are also a number of group classes available, such as aerobics, pilates and spinning to name a few. TSG also recently launched its “Don’t try this at home” campaign, which highlights the fact that certain daily activities have the potential to cause us harm if our bodies are not fit and strong enough.

Membership options (rates apply to students only):

Cash membership: R1100 cash per year (works out to R95 per month).

MBK / sport science students: R900 cash per year.

Student deduction membership: R1400 deducted off your student account.

Debit order membership: R99 per month (R130 for the first month).

Monthly membership: R140 cash.

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