Nandipha Dilla

With the number and caliber of restaurants that have made Hatfield their home in the past few years since The Square’s untimely demise having increased dramatically, it made sense to put together a fast food free guide to tempt your taste buds when you have a few extra Rands to spend.


Burgerack, Hatfield Plaza

If you happen to be craving a craft burger, a rack of ribs or even hard-shell tacos for a meal,Burgerack is one of the newer restaurants to hit the streets of Hatfield and offers a unique New York style dining experience to the everyday consumer at prices that surprisingly don’t break the bank. With the restaurant’s bustling city aesthetic creating the perfect backdrop for catching up with a group of friends after the two month school holiday, it’s an experience that will leave anyone counting their coins for more.


Urbanite Lounge, Hatfield Square

Urbanite Lounge will serve you the traditional shisanyama staples of pap and coal braaied chicken and meat in a way that will torment the timeline with envy while giving you a taste of home at the best prices. The restaurant is a great place to dine with a group of friends or even a better place to make new friends after a week of undone homework, stressing over tests and almost midnight assignments. It has an amazing upbeat playlist throughout the entire day that will uplift any sour grape’s spirits and have you dancing while waiting for your food.


Yami, Hatfield Square

Yami is the new school, trap and gqom pub that carries a burger and rib menu that rivals the best in craft foods. It brings the open establishment, Maboneng and Braam vibe to the Hatfield night life. With specials such as the everyday lunch steak available from midday, it is a wonderful, mood lifting, mid-lecture experience that will make it very difficult for you to go back to the real world.


Rhapsody’s, Hatfield Square

Rhapsody’s is a restaurant perfect for the students with deeper pockets and a taste for the different. With menu items ranging from sushi platters to gourmet dagwoods to even fillet flambé, Rhapsody’s is the perfect backdrop for special occasions with Instagram pleasing aesthetics that will make your night one to remember. The restaurant sports soft house and jazz tunes in the lower level that are mirrored more loudly in the bar at the top of the stairs, that opens a newer, more fun-filled dimension to a night out.


Image: Rhodeen Davies

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