Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal (SMBC)

If you have science and math-oriented friends on Facebook, chances are you have seen a SMBC comic before. As soon as you see one of Zach Weinersmith’s comics, you will instantly recognise his iconic art style of absurd yet warpedly plausible scenarios, caustic wit and side-splitting humour.



This fantasy graphic novel, written by Ashley Cope, takes place in an incredibly detailed setting with flavourful characters. The comic has a gorgeous art style, made possible by Cope taking month long breaks between chapters. This causes fans to want to rip their hair out in frustration at not having any Unsounded for an entire month. Even if the genre is out of your comfort zone, it is a must-read for everyone if only for the art.


Dinosaur Comics

This comic by Ryan Q. North poses insightful questions in a humorous manner. With North’s trademark writing style, the repeated panels and characters will grow on you quickly. T-Rex’s absurd worldview, Dromiceiomimus’ occasional interjections and Utah Raptor’s sensibility will leave you rolling on the floor, unable to breathe.


Gunnerkrigg Court

Another fantasy graphic novel, written and illustrated by Tom Siddel, this comic deals with a young girl who goes to a school to learn magic. There she meets a disembodied shadow who comes from a mystical forest, and a robot. It only gets weirder and undoubtedly more interesting from there.


Illustration: Jaco Stroebel

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