Your new single “Sunday funday” was released recently. How do you feel it has been received?
I’m always nervous about releasing new songs but I think I’m lucky in that the track has been well-received so far. What my older recordings accumulated in plays over the period of a year on SoundCloud, the two singles “Welcome bachelor” and “Sunday funday” matched in little over a day.


What has it been like to have your music played on radio stations across the country?
It was extremely flattering to log into my Gmail account and see that several radio stations had responded to my submissions and agreed to playlist the song, whereas with my older songs I had no such luck. [I] guess it’s been a sense of relief and excitement.


Your first few singles had blues and jazz feels to them, but your latest ones are more indie folk. Is the new style here to stay?
I still write a lot [of]blues and jazzy tunes, but I feel those songs are best kept and appreciated at the private functions and wedding shows I do. But yes, the new sound is here to stay. It’s way more energetic and fun to perform live, and the audience appears to catch onto the vibe a lot easier too.


Your song “Welcome bachelor” was chosen to be included on a compilation indie album in the USA. How did it feel to reach such a big milestone?
I still have no clue as to how the company had heard about me,but it really is exciting to think that one or two Americans may have my song playing in the background at their house party or in their car.


You have started working on your first EP. How is it coming along and what can listeners expect?
The writing process is complete. [All that remains is]to record the remaining songs. It’s going to be six tracks long, perhaps [with] a hidden track here or there. The theme of the EP will be high energy, light-hearted and all about the bachelor life of your typical dude in his early to mid-twenties. I think every man on the planet will be able to relate to it and at the same time, laugh at just how ridiculous we can be.


Last year you performed at MoRock Music Festival. How did the crowd receive you?
MoRock was really fun and I’d suggest everyone attends the next one.  I think people expected the solo acoustic vibe, but what they got was a well-rehearsed five-piece band, and they really seemed to enjoy it. [We] got great feedback overall.

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