At the end of last year you played a set in the UK. How was the experience being so far from home and playing to a completely different crowd?
The experience playing at Sankeys in Manchester was something we will never forget. People there really do give it their all and music is a very important part of [their] everyday living. [Upon] coming back home [and] playing our first gig[s] at Truth and Sub Urban State, [however], we realized that this country is not far off at all.The only difference in our eyes [is that there is] a sense of freedom in the UK, [whereas] in South Africa we [are] still a very conservative nation.


Recently you released previews for your singles “Forest fire”and “Collide”. Can listeners expect another extended play (EP) or
album soon?
Yes, our next release is [with the] local [Johannesburg] label Just Move Records, which [has] been over a year in the making and shows our deeper side. We are really excited about it. We do have a couple [of] EPs lined up, including more with our UK based label Outcross Records (Miguel Campbell’s label), a collaboration and remix for Kyle Watson, and we are currently writing our album, but expect something very different as we are aiming to showcase stuff that really inspires us, not just straight-up club music.


You’ve been confirmed for FenomenaPhestival later this year. What can the audience expect from your show?
Fenomena [is] set to be an amazing event, the guys have put together a great lineup and the Metro Ticket guys always know how to bring it. We have been wanting to play a show like this for some time so expect a bit more of our techno influences and, of course, the usual original material and energy we try [to] bring to every show.


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