Medicine Boy is a dream noise duo, consisting of Lucy Kruger and André Leo, from Cape Town. Their first EP, More Knives, was released in 2014 and their debut full-length album, Kinda Like Electricity, was released in August 2016. The duo will be going on a spring tour of South Africa this September. Perdeby caught up with them to find out more about this duo.


What attracted you to the dream noise genre?

I think we may have penned that [name]. When time came to open a Facebook account, we realised we needed a genre (wanting to avoid the usual labels associated with the two of us, ‘alternative’, ‘psych’ etc.) and we thought it would be fun to come up with something new altogether. We love tension in music, marrying vast, sparse, gentle waves with crushing blows and shambolic chaos. ‘Dream noise’ seems to paint that picture as well as anything could.


Your Spring Tour takes place from 13 to 27 September, do you have anything exciting planned for after the tour?

A lot of new songs. We’re currently finishing up the sessions for our next album and, unlike with the last album, we’re trying out all of these songs live before the album’s release. We’re visiting some new places, which is exciting and kind of scary and we are playing two stripped down shows in smaller theatres. We love those shows. We are also looking forward to playing at Endless Daze music festival in November this year. For more details you can have a look at their website.


What is your favourite song to perform and why?

Any of the new ones. We’re still learning our way around them. They feel dangerous, exciting and alive.


Where do you get inspiration from to write new material?

I’m realising more and more that song-writing is [as] mysterious as it is intuitive. These things come out of you and while you know that they are a result of your inspirations, day to day life, love and all that comes with love… They are also these foreign entities that seem to come out of nowhere and breath an air all of their own. So who knows where inspiration comes from?


If you could open for any artist, which artist would you choose?

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds.


Image Provided: Calvin Siderfn.

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