This week Perdeby was lucky enough to spend some time with the captain of the TuksNetball team …

Full name: Erin Burger

Age: 22

Course of study: Degree in Human Movement Sciences, doing my PGCE.

How long have you been playing netball?

I’ve been playing for thirteen years.

My life changed when…

I made the Protea team [for] the first time, and when my parents moved away, [also] when one of my best friends went to heaven.

What would a guy have to do to impress you?

Make me laugh, be himself. 

Do you still have New Years resolutions or are they already broken?

Didn’t really have, but I’m making them up as the year goes along. You need to work towards something.

What is your favourite sport to watch and why?

I like watching tennis, just to see how good they are and how powerful their minds are to pick themselves up in a matter of seconds.  To outthink their opponents and to do what is needed to win.

Ryk Neethling or Roland Schoeman?

Ryk Neethling

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