If you enjoy reading, perhaps the English department’s Inklings society is just the place for you. If you prefer your alone time, the university has a large library that is quiet and has more than just textbooks to read. Fantasy, thrillers, classics – there’s something for everyone. For buying books instead of borrowing, there are bookstores on and around campus, such as Bookmark, Protea Books, and Van Schaiks.

Gamers can enjoy the free campus-wide Wi-Fi that allows you to play League of Legends, Hearthstone, Counter Strike: Global Offensive or DotA2 for as long as you like, or to access your Steam or Origin accounts for your single player games.

Outer Limits, a comic book store located on Lynnwood road, is a sanctuary for traditional gamers and comic book readers. There you can find weekly MTG tournaments (aside from the tournaments hosted by Tuks MTG on campus), a thriving hub of traditional boardgamers and roleplaying game groups, board games like Catan or Small World, comics, graphic novels and manga.

Whatever province of geekdom you hail from, there is something on or close to campus just for you, and plenty of people to share it with.


Image: Stefan Stander