This edition’s style maverick is a BConSci Clothing Retail Management student, whose captivating style and innovative mindset quickly caught our attention. Donatella’s world of fashion is truly electric yet personal and multifaceted. Her style is a celebration of diversity, as she always seeks new ways to inspire and be inspired. Don’s style and mood work together in harmony to create fashion ensembles that are both aesthetic and attuned to her own sense of style. Her unwavering commitment to shopping sustainably leads her to thrift stores to find pieces that can be added to her collection. She loves to rummage for items that “evoke joy and excitement” and prefers to create some her own pieces, which stand as a testament to her innovation and creativity. 

Don sported a chic denim mini skirt, elegantly paired with a blue sleeveless cardigan. The delicate mesh top she wore beautifully offset her chunky black footwear, creating a perfect balance in the look. The black and silver accents on her belt synchronised seamlessly with her bag and shoes, ultimately creating a cohesive yet alluring look.

Don’s unique experiences as a senior figure skater and ballet dancer (among others) inspire her fashion concepts and allow her to dabble in untouched fashion paths. Her artsy background manifests itself in her clothing designs and stands as inspiration for her upcoming high-end fashion line. Donatella’s creativity and dedication show that fashion is more than just an external display, but a multi-layered art form where she finds solace.

Instagram: donatellaglatter

TikTok: dglatter



Meet Zino: an Economics student who lets his outfits do all the talking. Zino’s out-of-the-box thinking makes it easy for him to cultivate outfits that are organic and visually appealing. Conforming is not in Zino’s vocabulary. He prefers to explore different style subsets to whip out ensembles that are a perfect balance of his emotions and are fashion forward. Zino draws some of his styling inspiration from anime, Tyler the Creator, and the late Virgil Abloh. Although seemingly different fashion genres, his attention to detail and knack for effortlessly blending contrasting styles allows for the creation of some truly unique outfits. 

Zino is pictured above rocking a red and white varsity jacket. He opted to pair this statement piece with baggy black pants and lace-up shoes. The clever addition of his bold glasses and round-faced wristwatch added an extra dimension to the overall outfit. Zino loves to look fly while remaining comfortable, and this featured outfit perfectly reflects his sentiments. 

Zino hopes to expand in the fashion world and offer his expertise in styling and creative directing. He loves to share his creative ideas on his social media pages and hopes to inspire others to stay “fly, confident and comfy”.

Instagram: zino_psycho

Pinterest: P3rryaye

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