Christiaan Steenekamp
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With the purple Jacaranda trees in full bloom, one thing is certain: it is business time. Exam season is fast approaching and students are growing anxious. An effective way to overcome those anxious feelings is by exercising. A healthy body means a healthy mind. Students can take care of their health during the exam period by eating well, sleeping enough, and exercising regularly. Exercising oxygenates the brain, which brings calmness. Benefits of exercising during academic pressure include a reduction in stress and anxiety, boosted energy levels, improved sleep quality, maintenance of a healthy body weight, and enhanced focus and concentration. These factors will aid in more effective studying, which results in better academic performance.

For those who do not know where to start, remember baby steps. Go for a walk, or start off with some squats. No person just magically does 100 push-ups or jogs for 10 kilometres if they are not used to an active lifestyle. Exercise is not a lifestyle for everyone; for some, it can just be a distraction from academics. However, it is important to develop a routine and schedule exercise into one’s day. The excuse of having no time is nonsense. We all have time. Go on a social media detox and use that time to do some exercise.

Some YouTube channels to follow for fitness tips and routines are growwithjo, MadFit, and Jeff Nippard. For gym regulars, Athlean-X and Sam Sulek are highly recommended for motivation to make big gains during the exam season.

In conclusion, it is crucial for all students to get up and move, especially during the exam period. Exercise is a much better study break option than scrolling through social media, and it can be done with friends. And what is better than studying efficiently and getting your summer body ready for December recess?