The UP mobile payment initiative, TuksMobi, has been replaced by a new smartcard management system called Eduxtras. This card will enable students to manage loans or purchase certain products on and off campus.

Eduloan, an education finance and bursary fund company, together with UP agreed to implement Eduxtras instead of TuksMobi because it offers more benefits. Tuks students do not have to carry cash on them or wait in ATM queues. All they have to do is swipe their Eduxtras card to purchase items, without any transaction costs.

Students can use this card at several off-campus vendors as well. “It is not restricted to on-campus merchants, but the business must offer services to students and be approved by Tuks,” explained Michelle Branco, Chief Marketing Officer at Eduloan.

Branco explained that although Eduxtras does not have the mobile interface that TuksMobi had, it has better resources and technology available to manage an electronic platform.

Deon Herbst, Chief Executive Officer of Enterprises at the University of Pretoria Trust, confirmed this statement and described Eduxtras’s services as more advanced and inclusive. He is confident that Eduxtras will satisfy the same needs as TuksMobi did.

“Eduxtras provides a wallet facility for books, food, accommodation, tuition, plus a savings account. Eduloan also provides student loans and financing for tuition fees and purchasing of laptops,” Herbst said.

Branco added that by registering with Eduxtras, Eduloan also offers repayment options at extremely affordable and fixed interest rates for the duration of the loan period. Loans can be paid back either through a salary deduction or via a debit order. Students can also use any bank account to manage their card.

Branco advised that since TuksMobi has already been replaced, existing TuksMobi users can request to have their funds transferred into their bank accounts or directly onto an Eduxtras card. However, in order to transfer funds onto a card, TuksMobi members need to upgrade to Eduxtras’s services.

Students can upgrade by going to the TuksMobi offices in the Student Centre and can collect their cards afterwards at the Eduloan helpdesk in the Piazza.

Branco explained that each student will receive a unique account number which can be used as a reference for future fund deposits, “This will ensure that funds will always be allocated to the right account,” she said.

Funds can be loaded onto the card at the Eduloan helpdesk or by transferring funds from your bank account. It takes approximately 24 hours before the funds can be used.

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