Sport editor – Carlo Cock As I’m writing this I am tired, relieved, happy, sad and stressed out and have all but given up on studying. Also, I may be intoxicated, although I’m not entirely sure. One thing I am sure of, however, is that being part of this year’s Perdeby editorial has led to me being all of the above, including intoxicated. To say it has been a crazy, awesome, unforgettable experience would be an understatement. It has been life changing. I’m going to miss it. I can’t imagine going back to being “normal”. Among the things I won’t miss, though, are being violently head-raped every Friday, without fail; being known as “Sausage McMuffin”; and that creepy look Beyers gives you when he’s editing your pages. Sad as it is, the Caramello Bear is done with university and off to change the big, bad world out there. It’s been real folks. I swear!


Head copy editor – Hayley Tetley I suppose I should feel sad and melancholic that this is my last edition of Perdeby, but there’s no time to be sentimental. With deadlines to meet and debates about whether or not “ice cream” should be hyphenated, there’s barely even time for a coffee break (the horror!). Perdeby has taught me important life lessons like, go to Aandklas as often as possible, drink all the coffee all the time and never admit that you come from Benoni. Basically, it’s been sheer awesomeness. Thanks to everyone who made my three years at Perdeby unforgettable. And of course, a huge thanks to my hard working minions. I never thought I’d say this, but I’m going to miss crazy Fridays in the office.


Features editor – Meagan Dill After four years at Perdeby (yes, really) leaving feels bittersweet. To the 2013 editorial: good luck and work hard. If you’re doing it right, Perdeby will pretty much take over your whole life. (In a good way, not in a creepy flesh-eating monster way.) On a more serious note: a special thank you to Beyers, who shared all four years with me, and who has been one of my best friends since the start. On the whole, I will never forget what being at Perdeby taught me and what a special time in my life these four years at Perdeby have been. So this is it – my final goodbye. Keep it classy, folks.


Entertainment editor – Nadine Laggar When you’re crouched down in the dust, notebook tucked in boot, thorn bushes looming towards your naked bottom and you can say, “I love my job,” you’re in the right industry. From the weekend gigs at Arcade Empire to sitting opposite Jesse Hughes backstage at Oppikoppi, rooftops in Jo’burg to Riversands Farm for RAMfest, it’s been damn euphoric. Though, if I didn’t have Melina with her vegan superpowers, this year might’ve turned out quite differently. If vodka can’t fix it, gin most certainly will. Peace


Web editor – Marissa Gravett I can’t believe it’s been two whole years and that the time has come for me to say goodbye to Perdeby for good. But alas, such is life. I will miss the amounts of coffee and craziness in the office and the alcohol-inspired extremities of socials. All in all, a lot of good memories have been made here, some of which are responsible for crossing the craziest things off my bucket list (ahem … what happens at Oppi stays at Oppi). I wish the best to the web editor for 2013, Nolwazi Mngadi. I know you’ll make Perdeby’s web presence just as successful as the print version. Cheers vir eers!


Layout editor – JP Nathrass This is supposed to be a thank you and a goodbye but I’ll rather use this space to reminisce about the last two years I have spent with the rest of the editorial, from camp to Oppikoppi. I have come to one simple conclusion: you are all bat-shit crazy! I have lost count of the cases of Dash and Jäger consumed in an effort to keep my sanity around you guys, but the ride was worth it in the end. Now let’s move this party to the real world. “Emphasis, drama, f**k-off!” [Exit, pursued by a bear.]


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