From 20-30 November you will be touring Durban, Pretoria and Jo’burg. What can fans expect from your performances?

We’re a band with ADHD, we can’t do the same thing for too long without being bored. [The] last time we were up in Pretoria and we spoke to you guys after our show at Arcade, Adrian was playing stand up drums. This time we’re going [to Pretoria] and he’s playing guitar. We’re always changing things around, our music is moving more towards the sound of our latest single, but there’s still that old electronic sound sneaking in here and there. In general, you can expect a real eclectic show. We’re touring with Thor Rixon and The Vaabs. They’re incredible bands. So the performances will let you choose whether to dance in the front row or sit and listen from the back of the club.

What can listeners expect from your upcoming single and demo album?

We’re probably going to release another track in December just in time for the holidays. It’s a summer song that’s easy listening with a little South African flavour. As for the album, we don’t even know what to expect from it yet. Danilo has just finished his mechatronics engineering degree, which means we have more time to put into composing and recording. So hopefully we’ll have a quality product out next year.

Some of your singles have been released on your Bandcamp page using the “pay-what-you-want” principal. What encouraged you to take this approach?

[T]he first two singles we released were pay-what-you-want and the last one has a minimum fee of $0.50. We put all of them on our Soundcloud with 100 free downloads. We like the idea of free music, but we also like the idea of eating food and staying alive. So if you want our music for free you can have it, but if you want to pay us for our music you can do that too. We had one guy pay $50.00 for one single. We immediately emailed him to say thank you and make sure it wasn’t a mistake. His reply was simply: “Just keep making good music, hopefully you guys can buy a round of drinks with that.” Its people like that who really help to build SA music.


Diamond Thug is Chantel Van T, Danilo Queiros and Adrian Culhane. Image: Diamond Thug’s Facebook page.

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